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To equip everyone, regardless of means or background, with the knowledge to transform themselves and uplift their communities

Pragmatic AI Labs strives to democratize education and empower lives through innovative, ethical technology. Our programs focus on providing accessible, cutting-edge skills that lead to fulfilling careers while avoiding harm and improving humanity's wellbeing. We reject exploitation and instead share profits to fuel positive impact at scale. We create enduring value that transcends mere economic measures by building consciously and sustainably.

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Teaching is our passion.

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Over two master's programs worth of courses taught at major institutions. Explore our courses

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With a combination of industry experts and current Professors at major universities, we have unparalleled content.

Global Reach

We partner with universities, platforms, and publishers including O'Reilly, Coursera, and edX.

Half a million learners

Between best seller books and popular courses, we've reached half a million learners. Our work has been translated into different languages and is available everywhere.

Authors with vocational expertise

Our authors have decades of experience working in startups and large companies, but we also have experience teaching at the graduate level. From the foundations all the way to deeply technical, our breadth of knowledge is only useful if we can share it.

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