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Noah Gift is a renowned technology leader with over 30 years of experience, is a recognized expert on MLOps, data engineering, cloud architecture, and Rust programming. He combines his industry expertise with teaching roles at Duke University and other institutions, making complex topics understandable to thousands of students worldwide. An award-winning author of best-selling books on DevOps, MLOps, data engineering, and cloud computing, Gift is also an AWS ML Hero, Python Software Foundation Fellow, and sought-after keynote speaker at conferences focused on cloud development and ethical AI use.

Alfredo Deza is a former Olympic high jumper and world champion, combines his passion for continuous learning with his extensive technical expertise in his current role at Microsoft Developer Relations. With nearly 20 years of experience as a software engineer and educator, Alfredo has taught machine learning engineering and DevOps courses, written books on DevOps and Python for O'Reilly, and serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Duke University. His expertise spans Azure, cloud computing, MLOps, Python, Rust, Databricks, and CI/CD automation, which he shares through frequent guest lectures at prestigious universities worldwide.

Kennedy Berhman is a veteran cloud consultant specializing in architecting AWS solutions for startups. He holds an MS in Computer Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania and has expertise in data engineering, data science, machine learning, and engineering management. Behrman previously developed a proprietary growth hacking algorithm that drove exponential growth for a startup, then hired and led the Data Science team supporting it. A active member of the Python community for 15 years, he has given talks, written articles, and served as a technical editor for numerous Python and data science publications.

Derek Wales is a West Point Graduate (Electrical Engineering/Track) who served ten years in the Army as an Engineer Officer before being medically retired. While on active duty, he designed a laser target location module with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, served as a NATA Company Trainer in Germany, and Commanded a Basic Training Company. Since leaving the military, Derek has graduated from the Duke Data Science (MIDS) and the Duke Weekend Executive MBA (WEMBA) Programs. He worked in product management and has transitioned to data science at a large tech company, while teaching at the MIDS Program every semester (covering various topics from virtualization to GenAI) and the Business School (running Data Center Tours).

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